Give time our children to read

Mostly, people, this time is very busy they don’t have time to their kids anymore that because both of them are busy to work. it may be there is someone helping them take care of them in the house but, how they can trust them. how they can make sure they really take care of them in a good way. it is very difficult right. anyhow, that because this is happening in our generation this time, parents should think about how they can take care of their own kids properly. Most parents give gadgets to their kids to play with and others, sometimes parent they don’t know what kind of game they can play their gadgets.

A parent should think that gadget is not really good for their children, especially for their eyes. I can see that lot of kids are wearing glasses this time and had to therapy for a different kind of problem, and what I can see all of this that because gadgets affect their eyes and brain, Gadget is amazing is very helpful for everything and the whole world, everyone loves it but, a parent just needs to guide to there kids and I really enjoy to learn about them, make our life easier but, we need to control our kids how far they can do and what time they can play.

However, we should give time to our kids to guide especially reading and play outside get along with different people and kids play with them have a laugh and run together with them it is a very beautiful way to do, not just let them stay home and play whole day on desktop or computer is not good to their health, they should communicate other in real person.

I remember when I was young I don’t have any toys to play with, what we can do is go to the mountain with friends and play, like hiking but, we really enjoyed it. we have fun a lot, I can’t imagine how happy we are, on the way back home, we use to draft on the other side and pick a lot of vegetables and fruits, for me that place is like paradise is so a beautiful place. I knew this time is not like that beautiful, on this time lot of people now staying there and I guest destroy the place so, it is very different today than yesterday.

Anyway, today is not easy to raise kids, before they plan to have one they should think about how to raise them. we love our kids very much, they are our life so, we need to take care of them how to raise them in a proffered way, give them time to be with us to read books and pray to God.

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