Teach your children how to pray.

When I was a child, I stay one of the best provinces I can imagine it is very beautiful. There not a lot of people stay that place but most of them are my relatives. I stay my aunt, I was 3 years old when my aunt hide me and I cant go together with my mother and sisters. I had a hard life when I was with them, when I was 5 to 8 years old I remember getting up in the morning around 4 AM just cab water to drink and washing back and port until the sun is shining, I never complain when I’m home I cook breakfast and clean the house took me a long time that is why I always late when I going to school that because I need to walk 1 hour or more but, all the sacrifice I had, I saw God in me I am closer to God when I walk, I always talked to God everything, I always don’t have money and sometime I would love to taste ice candy in the cantine so, I told God about that, I would love to try what is a taste that because when I saw my classmate eating they are saying a very delicious just wonder how delicious it is. Ha Ha Ha,

Anyhow, when I told God. if you let me try that ice candy can I have money and I can buy it. wow! I can’t believe later on when I was walking and talking to God. I can see there is money blowing on the wind that is 2 peso Philippines money. and the time 2 peso is big money for children to have. I was very happy and thanks to Him. then when snack time I buy that ice candy really happy to have it, yes for sure is delicious for kids. when the school finished walking home again about 1 hour more and talking to God again. I told Him that still have money left now I draft to a small store and buy rice and something for my aunt. she was happy to see me I bring something for her but, she asked me. where you get the money I said to her on the road which is true. God is amazing, He always watched me not only when I was a kid but until now I can feel that. I know I had lots of mistakes in life but, He always reminds me when I’m in the dark.

Thank you, Lord, for not being tired of me.

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