Born Poor.

We are 7 Children my mother is the only one trying her best to support us all, we knew is very difficult for her as 7 children but, she never give up, she is an amazing mother lot of people want to adopt us but she never let us adopt, that is why she’s working harder what she cod, on Christmas day, she can’t afford to buy us gifts so, what she did buy biscuits we had one biscuit everyone of us and we are so much happy to have that.

We don’t have a nice house, I remember our roof made on the grass and coconut leaves for the wall, we can see the hole inside and out but, you know the importance we can eat it does not matter what our house is as long we are together and healthy, our father his run away after 7 kids born, that is why all responsibility is my mother does. but my two brothers are trying to help my mother even they are young, she really trying her best to feed us. she is a very strong woman and we can feel that she is really fighting our situation, but one day she can’t handle all stress and problem, 7 kids is not easy to feed so, we just shock one day, I remember she cook dinner for us and she just laughed and cry and after that, she runs and shooting something.

We are kids and we don’t know what we can help her, we try to hold her put on her dressed but, we can’t handle it we don’t have more strength to do. we are blessed to have neighbors who are kind, they help our food every day, and wrote of my sister about what happened to my mother. after a couple of days, she came and take my mother to have a check and buy medicine for her, take care of her for a while until she is healed, after that my sister took us all and stay at her place. Thank you, God, for everything all storm coming into my life is controlled by you.

I am not what I am now, because God guides me. I am never hungry anymore and my kids have a good future.

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