Ps 119:53,61.134,150,155,158.

Give me life, O Lord, and I will do your commands.

Did we realize the change of the name in the text? The people answer the blind man’s question with ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. Instead, the beggar cried’ Jesus, Son of David’. There is a great difference. Nazareth was an unknown town of Galilee. ‘ Son of David’ was a little of the Messiah. The blind person did not hesitate to call Jesus messiah even if the renown of Jesus was growing and one could perceive already the proximity of his end.

The reaction of Jesus deserves reflection. He does not refuse the messianic title. He wants to approach the blind beggar. he ordered them to bring him and he asked: What do you want me to do for you? The answer of the blind is obvious. We do not know whether he was blind from birth or not. But his longing for sight was deep and anxious. Jesus stresses the faith of this poor man and the miracle is done. The praise of God explodes in the general joy. As Christians, are we capable to call Jesus, son of God, and invoking our needs with full faith?

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