Luke 19:1-10

I love to climb trees. The higher I climbed, the more I could see. Occasionally, I search of a better view. I might inch out along a branch until I felt it bend under my weight. Not surprisingly, my tree- climbing days are over. I supposed it isn’t very safe– or dignified. Zacchaeus, a wealthy man, set aside his dignity (and perhaps ignored his safety) When he climbed a tree one day in Jericho. Jesus was traveling through the city, and Zacchaeus wanted to get a look at Him. However, because he was short he could not see over the crowd” (LUKE 19:3). Fortunately, those things did not stop him from seeing and even talking with Christ. Zacchaeus’s plan worked! And when he met Jesus, his life was changed forever. Salvation has come to his house,”

Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you are.

We too can be prevented from seeing Jesus. Pride can blind us from seeing Him as the Wonderful counselor. Anxiety keeps us from knowing Him as the Prince of Peace (ISA.9:6). Hunger for status and stuff can prevent us from seeing Him as the true source of satisfaction– the Bread of life (JHON 6:48). What are you willing to do to get a better view of Jesus? Any sincere effort to get closer to Him will have a good result. God rewards people who earnestly seek Him (HEB, 11:6).

Would you like to know more Jesus? Here the link below.

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