Ps 34:2-3,16-17,18-19,20-21

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

Read: Jesus was aware that even some of His followers had a hard time accepting His teachings but He continued anyway with revelations that made some of them to take their leave and go. Now only the twelve remain. Peter affirms the Twelve’s unwavering faith in the life- giving word of Jesus.

Reflect: Jesus would not play nanny to those whose faith in Him was not strong enough to withstand the shock of knowing who Jesus really was. Their ordinary lives would continue. But the path to greatness would disappear and the doorway to an opportunity of meaningful life would close. The Twelve who stuck it out with Jesus were radically changed. It would be enough for them to cast their lot to an unknown future with Jesus whom they loved and admired.

Respond: Do we really know Jesus that much, so much so that we are willing to follow Him till the end? If we check ourselves and understand who Jesus is to us then we can make an informed choice whether to follow Him or not until the end. And when trials and sorrows come because of that informed choice, then we will never waver but persevere to the finish.

Pray: Father, introduce me again to Your beloved Son. For I cannot come to Him without You willing it. May I get to know Him better so that my following Him will have substance weight. Amen.

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