I dream last night, my dream is, I when to the Church. I suppose to be to get inside but, no one inside, there is lot’s of people but they are just standby outside talking to there friends or dating, and the inside of the Church is dark so, look like scary to get in there, sound like is something wrong. so I don’t get in inside, and I just walked back.

When I got up in the morning, I remember my dream and think about that, and I say to myself, It is true anyway. a lot of people go to church but a lot of them don’t really serious about what they are in there for. they are just meeting someone and talking like a meeting place or a park. They don’t go to church that because they are praying. It is so sad but is true. I hope people can change this way. they should not let them standby on the church if they don’t pray. they should not let people standby and talking each other there for a long hour. it’s ok for a while but to standby so long is not right I think.

I don’t know anyway, that is only what I can see when I go to church sometimes. a lot of people are there looking like waiting for someone or talking to their friends.

Anyhow, that dream I had last night is a special dream, something I need to find out about myself. I just pray that God guides me on the right way what I do every day.

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