Ps 95:1-2,6-7,7-9

If today you hear his voice. harden not your hearts.

Read: The first reading tells that Yahweh will send a prophet who will speak all that he has been commanded, who will speak in God name. The gospel would say that this prophet is Jesus, who speaks with authority, giving orders even to evil spirits to come out of a person. Those “prophets” speaking but not following God’s command will never succeed. The second reading tells about remaining a virgin so as to serve the Lord in holiness of body and spirit, a service dedicated with love of God and neighbors.

REFLECT: Jesus, our best example as a prophet, continues to order the evil spirit to come out from us through our brothers and sister who admonish us to become good and those who are denouncing evil. How do we exercise our role as “prophets” today? Do we nurture the culture of the truth amidst corruption and politicking?

PRAY: Father, teach me to live this prophetic role that I am sharing with your begotten Son. Let me speak the truth even when it hurts; let me sow peace when there is violence or division; let me sow love as you fill me with your love and understanding. Amen

ACT: Live with genuine concern for others, expressing care, and showing to people that they are valued, loved and appreciated for who the are. Say to your parents or children” I love you!

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