4Things You Need to Know About the Advent Season.

advent is a season that brings to mind the Two Coming of Christ. Advent is underway. Most of us have an intuitive understanding of Advent, based on experience, but what do the Church’s official documents actually say about Advent? Here are some of the basic question and (official!) answers about Advent. (official!) Some of theContinue reading “4Things You Need to Know About the Advent Season.”

Ps 96:1-2a,2b-3,7-8a,10

Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations The reality of evil has always confounded humanity. In biblical times any illness, disease or imperfection is attributed to the evil spirits. Their presence strikes, disease or imperfection is attribute to the evil spirit. Their presence strikes fear in people hearts. Yet, the evil spirit is knownContinue reading “Ps 96:1-2a,2b-3,7-8a,10”