Pandemic Time.

Hello everyone.

I hope all is well, My name is Ruth by the neck. this is my first blog here, I just want to share my pandemic time with my kids. Pandemic time is effective for the whole world lots of people still have not recovered from it, it is hoping that next year it will be ok and we can start on beginning progress again, but not all is bad happened there are good things we can learn.
Pandemic time gives me more ideas and closer to my kids and I can more take care of them, not only that, I learn more about computer how to use it and explore a lot of kinds we can learn in computer, I do like it and I can’t wait to explore more on it. At this time I still learning to watch different kinds of videos and learning about them. It is hard for me as a beginner but, I never give up, just keep going I know I can learn like others too.
The good thing about this pandemic is I spend a lot of time with my kids, I can guide them and teach them what they want to know and learn. so not all bad happened, keep family together and have more time each other. we don’t go to church like before but we can read the book at home, I like it every Sunday that because is a special day for us. I cook special dinner and ate together have fun and laugh so, keep us more closer each other.
Thank you all for reading my blog, I hope you are continue to supporting me. keep safe everyone, and I hope everything is great with you.

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